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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind use commercial ISP. In fact, my first website is still hosting on a commercial ISP. It gives reasonable amount of flexibility, design website from scratch, create CSS, HTML sheets, mess around with JavaScript and PHP, most importantly you get professional support if something went wrong. But only under one condition, you will have to pay.

Fees depend on the service package you chose. I am using 1and1 UK, pay £7.99 for the domain name each year, and £1.99 a month for the beginner package. It gives me 250M disk space and 20 email accounts, which is fare enough since I need neither big disk space nor more than five email accounts. But to run a blog software, I will have to upgrade my current package to business package in order to get database access and it costs £13.41 a month. Consider I am only going to use the site to write non-business stuff, it simply leaves me no option but to shop around for better ISP deals. Dream Host is currently doing a promotion, $7.99 each month with a free domain name, it is much cheaper than 1and1’s business package, but with two year tide-in period, personally I felt its too much.

My goal is to host both economically and efficiently. First, I can only pay a tinny amount of money, however, I want to run WordPress, which means MySQL and PHP support are essential, also I would like to keep a couple of current email accounts. In addition, the website should require minimum time to maintain, none of setting up database connection, running out of disk space or bandwidth, security or admin crap. After a week of intense research, I have learned that there doesn’t exist such an ISP. Luckily, found the solution in free world: WordPress.com and Google Apps. See my following post for details.


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