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Wild Hogs

Just got back from a film: Wild Hogs, it was surprisingly funny, especially after a long day at work. If you are a serious film lover, it is probably better not to go there, cause you may end up writing reviews like this, this and this.

Well, the story line is a little bit dated for sure, four guys went on a road trip to renew their friendship and find new value in their life, but I was laughing pretty much from the beginning to the end. A comedy film should be focusing on the comedy, wild hogs certainly does the job.


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Neighbour’s WIFI

Well, my neighbour has just set up a WIFI network, with strong signal and high speed; But the thing is, he also left his network unlocked, no password or login required. So if I am working on my laptop in our kitchen area, I could well be using his network rather than mine. Good thing, isn’t it? Wait until you read this post

Apparently, you can run into “£500 fine and a conditional discharge for 12 months sentence”. With up to five years in jail, don’t know about you but I am configuring my network card right now!

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